Almost Me

Brilliance walks before me.

I have grown into walking

a pace behind.

My own shadow swallows me,

But I grow weary of cold and dark.

I have forgotten warmth.

I have forgotten sun.

I have forgotten me.

My heart wants Freedom.

In answer, my body and mind


But that is not the answer my heart seeks.

Freedom needs compassion,

strength and wisdom.

I will only be free if I am whole.

I will become me only in


I must remember.

But these are difficult things.

Memory is painful.

Becoming is complicated.

The problem is I am unsatisfied

being almost me.



No fragrance is there sweeter

than the dinner awaiting

the travler’s return.


No feeling is there more pleasant

than the warmth of your own hearth

glowing with your family’s love.


No sight is there more blessed

than the faces of your loved ones

shining with welcome when their eyes

greet your face again.


And when you stand in possession of these treasures,

where-so-ever you find them,


It is then you have come home.