Opposition to the Navy’s biofuel program just got a little more hypocritical

Hmm. I wonder how the good Senator likes his fish? Because in a few years, it’ll all be well basted in his precious fossil fuels. Maybe the Human species will have adapted to digest crude oil-flavored food by then.


Earlier this week, a Senate subcommittee voted to continue funding for the Navy’s experimental biofuel program, cleverly dubbed the “Great Green Fleet.” As a primer, see David Roberts’ look at why the military is prioritizing a transition from fossil fuels.

As we’ve mentioned before, Republicans hate the effort, because 1) it’s got anything at all to do with the environment and 2) the Navy might spend slightly less on oil some day and that makes their friends cry. Today, the full Senate Appropriations Committee tackles the defense appropriations bill that includes the biofuels funding. The topic of biofuels will certainly come up.

Here’s what the opposition looked like earlier this year:

Sen. James Inhofe (R-Okla.) in May added an amendment to the defense authorization bill in the Senate Armed Services Committee that prevents the Navy from buying biofuels if they cost more than conventional fuel…

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