Almost Me

Brilliance walks before me.

I have grown into walking

a pace behind.

My own shadow swallows me,

But I grow weary of cold and dark.

I have forgotten warmth.

I have forgotten sun.

I have forgotten me.

My heart wants Freedom.

In answer, my body and mind


But that is not the answer my heart seeks.

Freedom needs compassion,

strength and wisdom.

I will only be free if I am whole.

I will become me only in


I must remember.

But these are difficult things.

Memory is painful.

Becoming is complicated.

The problem is I am unsatisfied

being almost me.


3 thoughts on “Almost Me

  1. LISA says:

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    • Lisa, is it? My thanks. I’m not sure that I follow what you mean by being on the “first page of search results.” WordPress has an opening page to the site called “Freshly Pressed.” And one or two top blogs end up there, but I honestly have no idea how such an honor is awarded or even what the rules concerning inclusion on that first view of WordPress are.

      I do thank you for your comment however, as well as for the link. If I can’t work something out with WordPress, I will certainly look into Venueseo.

      Thank you again.


    • Ah. I think I understand now. The piece you quoted is only a single post within my blog. “Becoming More Than Almost Me” is the title of my blog. The piece you’ve quoted is titled: “Almost Me.” It’s a poem that I’ve posted as part of the content of my blog to explain why my blog is titled what it is. I can reorganize the blog so that “Almost Me” greets anyone who opens the blog in a search, and am again grateful for the feedback.

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